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Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

Willian Butler Yeats (1865 - 1939)


Unique Career and Personal Development Opportunity

Leave your comfort zone behind and become your peak self

We often miss opportunity because it dressed in overalls and looks like work

Thomas E. Edison (1847 - 1931)


Accelerate your Future Results

What you fear doing most is probably what you most need to do

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where theree is no path and leave a trail.

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 - 1882)


Dedicated to self starters, to you ...

Focus on visualizing the rewards of success, not the penalties of failure

Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you want to do it.

Lou Holtz (1937 - Current)


Your opportunity journey starts here ...AND NOW !

Attempting new things makes us more creative and taking risks helps us grow

Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small.
A journey of a thousand miles must begin with but a single step

Lao Tzu (6th Century BCE)

Aston Clinton
Red Kite Pavillion

24 April 2023
Ready for 2023

2 speakers
Industry specialists

Limited seats
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Your Cyber and Future Career Guidance Resource

Our seminars and learning events are designed to help kick start your career, discover a new purpose or simply increase your earning potential. They achieve this by showing you some of the key material skills and concepts that you need to know and harness, as well as applicable tips and tricks to help manifest the goals you set yourself in both your career and life in general.

Accelerate your career progression and future path

Developing a career can be lonely and frustrating without help or mentors. Where do you start? Where can you go for relevant advice? Career guidance is thin on the ground, even when you are at school or college. You simply can't rely on anyone else to chart your development. YOU have to take control and make it happen with a life-long learning approach. Join us and see for yourself!

Wake up and smell that coffee ...

The very fact you are here and reading the material on this page is an excellent start. You have a vision and belief in an alternative future. You are actively searching for answers and applicable solutions. You really can do anything - if you know where to start.

Savidant can help you avoid debt, gain valuable experience and get a head start.

Not everyone is suited to the academic approach of career development. It is also well documented the level of debt that students accumulate as they graduate is many thousands of Dollars, Pounds or Euro's. Many find a vocational approach more agreeable, affordable and accessible, not to mention the head start advantage on actual experience they will gain.

Unique career and personal
development opportunity

Personal development aspects of a career plan can be successful only if you are committed to your plan. You should be prepared to invest a portion of your own expense, time and effort to accomplish this plan. Completing any planned work experience and/or training activities is always YOUR principle responsibility. You'll need to seek help when necessary, be flexible, and periodically reassess that development plan.

Our seminars are all about your future freedom

Design your meaningful career and life aroud your strengths and motivations - What is it that you REALLY want to do ! What do you desire?

New knowledge, new opportunities,
new network and new friends

Savidant offers an opportunity to start building your own professional network. We are global citizens, thanks in the main to social media. A Tweet will spark dialogue all over the world and a Facebook post in one time zone will be "liked" and commented on in several others in moments. These may seem like small interactions, but given the global reach of these platforms, imagine the networking possibilities if you approached your next post with your career goals in mind.



Industry experts to lead and guide you forward



Eight hours of valuable advice and guidance



Not just technology but applicable life skillsPr



Excellent venues and facilities for your seminar

Savidant Cyber Career Seminar Schedule on the Day

Flexible and comfortable event program. More details available for download below

Ian R. Bailey

Seminar Commences

Delegates are welcomed and the plan for the day is set out, information on timings, refreshments and safety are set out.

- Power of Why - Simon Sinek

- Goal Setting and Achieving

- 100 Day Plans

Comfort Break

Break for refreshments and fresh air

Ian R. Bailey

Main Morning Session

Introduction to the main components of the seminar and first two key pillars

- Steve Jobs at Stanford

- Four Pillars Approach

- ITIL and Service Management

- Fundamentals and Networking

Ian R. Bailey

Not in use

Second Auditorium not required

Comfort Break

Ian R. Bailey

Not in Use

Second Auditorium not required.

Ian R. Bailey

First Afternoon Session

Delegates are welcomed back for the first afternoon session to discuss the next two important pillars of the approach.

- Cybersecurity and Governance

- Controls & Cyber Essentials

Comfort Break

Break for refreshments and fresh air

Ian R. Bailey

Second Afternoon Session

Delegates commence the next afternoon session that discusses career paths, important technologies and productivity.

- Major Cyber Security Career Paths

- Important Future Technologies (Cloud, Blockchain and AI)

- Getting Things Done (GTD)

Comfort Break

Break for refreshments and fresh air

Ian R. Bailey

Final Afternoon Session

The final session of the days discusses learning resources, techniques and presents some motivational material.

- IT and Cyber Learning resources

- Future Careers (TED Talk)

- Genius Resources and Techniques

- Alan Watts Close

Ian R. Bailey

Not in use

Second Auditorium not required.

Comfort Break

Ian R. Bailey

Not in use

Second Auditorium not required.

Locations and dates for future seminars and learning events

April 2023

Aston Clinton (UK) 24th Apr (Mon)

MAY 2023

Berkamsted (UK) 16th May (Tue)

Bicester (UK) 24th May (Wed)

Plymouth (UK) 29th May (Mon)

Torquay (UK) 30th May (Tue)

Exeter (UK) 31st May (Wed)

JUNE 2023

Bournemouth (UK) 9th Jun (Fri)

Portsmouth (UK) 10th Jun (Sat)

Worcester (UK) 15th Jun (Thu)

Hereford (UK) 16th Jun (Fri)

Cheltenham (UK) 23rd Jun (Fri)

JULY 2023

Reading (UK) 8th Jul (Sat)

Navan (Ireland) 15th Jul (Sat)

Athlone (Ireland) 22nd Jul (Fri)

Donegal (Ireland) 27th Jul (Thu)

Aston Clinton (UK) 31st Jul (Mon)

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Experienced industry experts will explain the key ideas, frameworks and approaches to pursue a valuable career in
Cyber Security while informing you about the advanced concepts and technologies

Ian R. Bailey

Ian R. BaileyCyber Security Leader

Experienced Cyber Security Leader and advocate of vocational life-long learning MSc CITP CCISO CISSP

Francois Collomb

Francois CollombEntrepreneur & CTO

Successful business founder and technology leader with a focus on Cyber Security MBA CISSP ISO27001

Andrew Cardwell

Andrew CardwellCISO & Cyber Expert

Multi-industry and domain experience, 25 years hands on and management and cyber security expertise

Tim Simms

Tim SimmsWeb & System Developer

Seasoned and creative Web Developer with OAuth 2.0, React, Node, GraphQL

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850 / event day

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Certificate and Goal Journal

CV Template

and 10 Hours Mentoring

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Refreshments and Lunch

Certificate and Goal Journal

CV Template

and 10 Hours Mentoring

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Click on a slider dot below to find out more about the Cyber and Future Career Guidance Learning event

What's on in the Savidant seminars?

The material in the seminar is a collection of advice, techniques, guidance and resources that will accelerate, jump-start and short cut your way to a better technology career. It will deal with goal setting, foundational steps, industry areas and how to become more effective and focus.

How will this event enhance my chances?

Good career guidance was unavailable or frequently ineffective at school or college, especially in terms of technology and computing. Career counsellors with actual industry knowledge are still few and far between. This seminar will present the skills and knowledge that employers are actively searching for in the market.

Who should attend this event?

Savidant seminars are designed to encourage anybody looking for a change, especially towards a cyber based career. It is ideal for parents, graduates, school leavers and anyone looking to simply change direction, reboot or enhance their current circumstances, from 16 to 60.

What do I do after the event?

Take massive action ! This seminar provides excellent advice, guidance and short cuts. By investing in and dedicating yourself to achieving the knowledge described in the seminar you become a more exceptional candidate with an improved chance of standing out in your application to potential employees.

What makes Savidant Seminars work?

Our unique cyber security seminar provides you with a realistic and cost-effective 100 day plan, presenting tools, transferable skills, pathways and confidence to command a higher entry level salary. It will elevate your CV and impress as a potential candidate at the start of your cyber journey.

How do the Discounts work?

There are several type of discounts available that usually should be redeemed 14 days before the seminar starts. You will be charged the standard rate of the course when registering but will receive the actual discount on the day of attendance. This is to make payment processing simpler and less confusing.

Finally . . .

At Savidant Seminars, our explicit and authentic aim is to present an affordable and achievable process to begin a lucrative and rewarding career in Cyber Security. Whatever your background, this could well be the opportunity you’ve been searching for . . ..

Purchase your ticket here right now!

Spaces and discounts are LIMITED and on a first come basis

Please book early to avoid disappointment

You will be requested to pay with your account to confirm your place or mail

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